Replacing the A-Frame Slider fitting

Tools Needed:

Parts Needed: 


  1. Using the 5mm Allen wrench unscrew the two bolts located on each support arm from the slider fitting. Each bolt will have a washer and will be needed to install the new slider fitting. (There will be two backing nuts included in the new slider fitting in case yours fall and bounce away.)
  2. Loosen the free collar on the slider fitting
  3. Slide off slider fitting from the horizontal support beam
  4. Remove bolt and nut from free collar
  5. Using the the flat head slightly pry the free open to remove it from the slider fitting
  6. Install the free collar on the new slider fitting
  7. Install the backing nuts into the recessed portion of the slider fitting
  8. Slide new fitting onto the horizontal support tube
  9. Tighten bolts (with washers installed) 
  10. Line up the slider fitting so that it is nearly flush with the end of the horizontal support tube and then tighten using the 5mm Allen

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