1) Place desired bit in holder

2) From zero setting, rotate click to desired NM

3) After tightening down, reset to zero


1) Only using the handle at the end of the wrench (silver portion) and not touching any other part of the wrench when tightening.

2) Doesn't ever exceed the torque limit of the wrench. It can over strain the torsion bar and cause permanent damage to the torsion bar.

3) Never drop the wrench.

4) Never use the wrench as a breaker bar or lever

5) Always return to zero setting

6) The torque is measured at the point between the spring and the top of the silver handle. Align with the highest part of each line reading. For best results, face the wrench directly in front with no tilt.

7) +/- 4% accuracy over 4,000 cycles