What spacing should be between each bike hook?

We typically recommend around 16"-24" depending on stud width and staggering the heights for the best fit. 

You can mock up the fit by laying the bikes on top of each other and seeing where the handlebars fit inside the other bikes middle triangle. You would then measure the difference in tire heights to translate to the wall

What's the largest tire/rim combo?

The Velo Hinge is designed as a practical bike storage solution for many different types of bicycles.

The Maximum tire width and rim combination for the Velo Hinge is 99mm. It will vary based on your specific bike.

Can I use the short hook from 1.0 with the 2.0?

Yes! The short hook CAN be used with the 2.0. Keep in mind the 2.0 is an updated design so there will be some limitations to the wheel/tire compatibility. We recommend using the 2.0 with the long hook for any type of wheel/tire combination within it's limits (see diagram)

Can the Velo Hinge be mounted to brick, concrete, or other surfaces?

Yes, all of our wall mounted storage can be mounted to just about any surface using the right hardware. Please visit your local hardware store for the best suggestions for hardware to mount to your specific surface.

How do I change the direction of the pivot?

What is the weight capacity of the 2.0?

We recommend 50 pounds or less to hang from the hinge!