Will my E-Bike work with it?

While the weight capacity indicates the Pro Mechanic will work with modern e-bikes, we recommend you purchasing the Pro Mechanic HD. Due to the innovative design of the updated clutch body of the HD, it is able to grip and hold the bike more efficiently. And with the wider leg upgrade, holding the bike as you move it around, the stand will be more secure.

Will the HD Clamp Head work with the Pro Mechanic?

Due to the different mast diameter of telescoping tubes between the Pro Mechanic and the HD, the HD clamphead WILL NOT work with other stands.

What small parts from the Pro Mechanic HD are interchangeable with Pro Mechanic?

The following parts can be used on the Pro Mechanic and Pro Mechanic HD:

17585- Pro Mechanic HD  Jaw Covers

17586- Pro Mechanic HD Clamp Jaw Assembly

17783- Pro Mechanic HD Tri-Knob

17803- Pro Mechanic Clutch Body

Will the Pro Mechanic work with my D-shaped aero seatpost or frame?

As with all our stands that are designed with clamp head, we always recommend that you hold the bike from the seatpost. Our Sprint Stand is the only repair stand we recommend using with aero designed bikes. Never clamp your top tube to the clamp head to keep the integrity of the material intact.

What parts from the Pro Mechanic can be used on my Pro Elite Repair Stand?

17585- Pro Mechanic HD  Jaw Covers

17586- Pro Mechanic HD Clamp Jaw Assembly

17803 + 17783- Pro Mechanic Clutch Body + Pro Mechanic HD Tri Knob (tri-knob will not work without new clutch body)

17791- Pro Mechanic Foot 

17799- Pro Mechanic Leg

Can I upgrade to the Pro Mechanic Clamp head with an older tripod?

As long as your upper mast measures 1 1/2" in diameter, yes! You can upgrade your clamp. 

Will the Repair Stand Tool Tray work with the Pro Mechanic Stand?

Yes! The new tripod is same diameter as older red tripod stands.