Repair standUsing a small pokey tool remove the red buttonRepair stand and toolUse an 8mm socket or Phillips head to remove the 
Repair stand tri knob unthreadedUn-thread the tri knobRepair stand with head removedRemove the head and clutch cup
Repair stand and toolRemove the dust cap with a prying tool. Alternate the sides for easy removal.Repair stand and tool If you pry too hard you can break the pins that secure it.
Repair stand and bearingsRemove the washers and bearings with a tool to avoid contamination
Repair stand and toolWith a Phillips screwdriver loosen one side and then the next
Repair stand and toolThe screws do not need to be removed.
When reinstalling make sure to tighten the screws evenly
Repair stand without headSlide the grey plastic piece off. When reinstalling make sure the holes are perfectly lined up.